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Ratchet & Clank Future: Resistance kown as only Ratchet & Clank: Resistance in Europe is a game that plays out between All 4 one and Full Frontal Assault it features Solana,Polaris and Bogon Galaxies. There is also a Past mode that plays out before, during and after the great war. It introduces several new characters for example Alister Azimuths brother and nephew. It limits weapon, gadget and item numbers in favor of a lot of playable characters. It centers around shooting and piloting but also features some platform and puzzle gameplay. It features both the Raritanium upgrade system of ToD and the modding system of DL.



The pre-title sequence features Fastoon. Some Nanophytes watch in horror as a Dimensionator-style wormhole opens and two Lombax ships fly out, one blue, one green. The green ones cockpit opens sligthly and a gloved hand sticks out and closes the wormhole with a small device. A voice from the blue ship says "Lets find them". The ships blast off into space as the logo appears out of the thrusters.


A month later you can see Talwyn, Ratchet, Clank, Cronk and Zephyr trying to repair the Aphelion from the extreme damages the Z'Grute dealt it when the two ships land. The heroes exept Clank pulls out blasters. Out of the ships jump two Lombaxes in attire similiar to the old shool suit and hoverboots. They introduce themselves as Argon Cross and Jaden Azimuth and tells that they are back in "the original dimension" as they refer to Ratchets dimention as in order to find Argons cousin, Angela and Jadens uncle, Alister and where told that there was a Lombax in the space station in the Nundac Asteroid Belt. Ratchet says that Alister sadly passed away. Then two ships fly into the hangar and realeses first an EMP-Pulse and then Snooze mist, knocking all the heroes out.

They awake on Mylon with Dr. Nefarious filming an Info-video to the galaxies Ratchet explored. He introduces his new forces consisting of his custom-built robots led by Count Vigar, Cragmites led by Commander Gineron, Drophyds led by General Ardenon, Blarg led by Admiral Vardigon, Ex-Dreadzone gladiators led by Ace Hardlight and the the new exterminators, Valkyries led by Virgo and new Bio-engineerd Thyrranoids spanning up to five eyes with their new commanders spanning six.

Just as the video is done, a patrol of Galactic Rangers swoop down, paralyze the officers, free the heroes, retrive their stuff and then take the heroes up in their dropship. The dropship travels to the Phoenix. Sasha orders the Rangers to prepare the warp drive. Meanwhile she briefs the heroes about the events.

When the warp drive is prepared they travel to the Apogee Space station. There a large group of past friends from both Solana, Bogon and Polaris and the most surprising addition, the Bogon gladiators Chainblade, B2 Brawler, Megapede and Arachnoid plus The terrible two of Solana. Just as everybody had been properly introduced and Angela showed her new weapon, a purple, turned energysabre to Ratchet, Argon quickly identifying it as a Harpie Krumsabre telling them The Harpies was a elite female-only squad of the Preatorian Guard and Lorna Cross was a high-ranking member confirming her as Angelas mother in the process, the Agorians arrive, lead by Commander Gartax but not to fight, instead they are intrested in joining the resistance. Cronk does not trust them but they are allowed to join anyway.

Present Chapter 1: FastoonEdit

Jaden and Argon suggests going to Fastoon in order to scavange some Lombax armor and weaponry. Once the Resistance arrives they discover Nefarious had similiar plans, having the Tyrranoids laying siege to nearly all of Fastoon and then scavenging all they can find. The resistance thinks up a plan thet involves both scavenging and driving the Noids of Fastoon. While Talwyn and her warbots lead the Galactic rangers in a direct assault on the Noids, Gartax leads a strike team that attacks from behind, that leaves Free field for the Lombaxes and Clank to scavenge whats needed. The plan works great and with the Phoenix filled with armor and weaponry the heroes return to base.Among the heroes findings is experimental armor blueprints, several boxes of Harpie weapons, 17 Experimental R.Y.N.O.´s and a Lombax ship that Angela claimed.






Big Al

Angela Cross

Argon Cross

Jaden Azimuth

Talwyn Apogee

Sasha Phyronix



Skid McMarx





Captain Quark

Commander Gartax


Dr. Nefarious


Count Vigar

Commander Gineron

General Ardenon

Admiral Vardigon

Ace Hardlight


The Plumber

The Smuggler

Slim Cognito

Shady Salesman

Grummel One

Mr Fizzwidget

Gadgetron CEO

Galactic Rangers

Megacorp Robot guards


B2-Brawler Mk II







Teenage Alister Azimuth

Teenage Kaden

Teenage Irgus Azimuth

Teenage Lorna Cross

Adult Kaden

Adult Alister Azimuth

Adult Irgus Azimuth

Adult Lorna Cross

Sargo Cross

Middle-aged Alister Azimuth

Young Ratchet

Young Angela

Newer Cronk

Newer Zephyr



Ratchets Caretaker-bot

Angelas adoptive mother

Angelas adoptive father

Kadens mother

Kadens father

Azimuth Mother

Azimuth Father

Lornas Mother

Lornas Father

Lornas Boyfriend

Ratchets Mother

Irgus Girlfriend

Max Apogee

Young Talwyn





R.Y.N.O. X

Transform Ray

Nitro Launcher


Dual Lacerators

Mr. Zurkon

Agents of Doom

Tesla Glove

Plasma Beasts

Buzz Blades

Rocket Gatling


Rift inducer 5000 Mk II

Lava Gun


Omniwrench Millenium 12

Trillium Omniwrench 3000


Clank Zapper


Plasma Whip

Zoni Ray

ThunderStorm Umberella

Fusion Grenade

Mine Glove

Gravity Bomb

Dynamo of Doom

Plasma-Nail Cannon



Giant Fist

Jaden AzimuthEdit


Cryo-Mine Glove

Blackhole Cannon

Tesla Spikes

Cone Shooter

Flashbang Pistol

Mag-Net Launcher

Pyro-bomb glove

Bomb sniper

Blitz Gun


Praetorian Omniwrench

Omniwrench Millenium 14

Argon CrossEdit

Carnage Crossbow

Hoverbomb Glove



Fist gun

Cryobeam cannon

Alpha Disruptor

Dual Pyro claws


Spitting Hydra


Omniwrench Millenium 14

Trillium Omniwrench 3000

Angela CrossEdit



Flamedisc gun

Bola glove


Plasmabomb Launcher


Bolt Gun

Hammer Sling Doppelganger (similiar to Ratchets but longer to look more like Angela)


Harpie Krumsabre MK III

Harpie Spear MK II

Big AlEdit


(Shouldermounted) Plasma launcher

Constructo Shotgun*


All weapons have several paintzones paintable in ten different coulors, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Violet, White, Black and Grey.

Below this are all different notes on the weapons marked with the same number of stars as after the weapon in the list

  • = No longer posses the ability to be customized in the same way but can still be customized according to the games


This was the first game to feature armor of the same name but with differences in appearences. While some is minor like Commander Gartaxs Crystaflux and onwards sported far longer shoulderpads then the average armor and Quarks armor sporting an additional diagonal torso belt some armors posses radical differences between different characters for example the Daywear "Armor" for Angela features a skirt while Ratchets variant uses shorts.


Combat suit (Automatic equip in the start of Chapter one)

Flareflux Armor

Terraflux Armor

Xploderflux Armor

Crystaflux Armor

Hydroflux Armor

Acidiflux Armor

Chillflux Armor

Vineflux Armor

Riftflux Armor

Darkflux Armor


Teenage Lombaxes,Adult Lombaxes, Middle-aged Alister Azimuth, Sargo CrossEdit

Mechanic suit

Pythorshell Armor

Trillium Armor

Young LombaxesEdit




Durasteel Envelopment

Argonix Envelopment

Raritanium-plated Envelopment

Trillium Envelopment

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