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Ratchet & Clank Future 4: The Last Stand took place after the Riot of Veldin. In this game, a new type of RYNO was introduced, called the RY3NO 10.


  • Dual Lancerators
  • RY3NO 10 (black market weapon)
  • Acid Bomb Pistol
  • Agents of Boom
  • Hydro-Rocket
  • The Laugh-a-tron (makes enemies laugh, similar to groovitron but makes them laugh)
  • Darksaber (after defeat pre vizsla)
  • count dooku's lightsaber (after defeat count dooku)
  • savage opress's lightsaber
  • Hidden saber
  • blade of lombaxes
  • the zodiac protosuit
  • electro negiator


Force (after Become a Jedi)

Force Lighting (after Become a Jedi)

Force Choke (after Become A Jedi)


Pre Vizsla

Count Dooku

Savage Opress


Starting CutsceneEdit

  • You see Ratchet walking on the planet of Pokitaru looking for a place to rest. As soon as he sets up his spot, a squad of Galactic Rangers informs Ratchet that Tachyon has survived his injuries in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction. The GRs told Clank the coordinates which led to Fastoon.

Landing on FastoonEdit

  • Using the Map-O-Mappy, they detected a group of cragmites which were being informed by Tachyon to attack Metropolis. Ratchet jumps out and lands on Tachyon. The cragmites took Ratchet and imprisoned him in the rebuilt Zordoom Prison.


Here is an tournement and Ratchet in there Fougth For Bronze,Silver and Gold trophies.İf ou defeat bosses

you won awards.(You Must won awards before become a Jedi)

Corrusant/Jedi TempleEdit

On the corrusant you learn how to be use Force (Note: You Must Become A Jedi Before Rescue Clank)

You become a Jedi You have nev abilities


Clank must go and rescue Ratchet from the Zordoom Prison. This is where you actually start playing and you must earn trust with other people in Fastoon because they know where the new location of the prison is.

  • 1st level: You will seen in a bar boxing with another robot. If you win, you get 1 honor point from the bar manager. He tells you he sells gadgets that will help him through other challenges. In the store, all that is available is a ticket to zordoom which costs 30 honor points. After you earn 30 honor points from other challenges, you can purchase the ticket and get out of there. The bar manager wishes you good luck and you leave.

Zordoom ArrivalEdit

  • 2nd level:Clank lands on Zordoom. He finds 2 security bots and beats them. You acquire a security bat and a uniform. With these, you can sneak to Ratchet's cell and break him free. Both of you escape.

Veldin TransportEdit

  • After Ratchet landed on Veldin, Clank suddenly disappeared. Ratchet looked up. It was the Zoni! He pulled out his RY3NO 10, and blasted those midgets to pokitaru.

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