250px-Ratchet & Clank Universe Twotu Cover

The cover.

This article, Ratchet & Clank Universe: The war of the universe, is currently under active construction.
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Ratchet & Clank Universe: The war of the universe is the first game of the Ratchet & Clank Universe series.

''''Characters ''''Edit

''''Weapons ''''Edit

''''Gadgetron ''''Edit

''''GrummelNet ''''Edit

'''Groovitron 2'''

Mr.Nefarious Clank Galactic Space Station

Clank making a deal with Mr.Nefarious.

''''Megacorp ''''Edit

''''Gadgets ''''Edit


The Groovitron 2.

''''All Gadgets have been changed to weapons due to upgrades.


''''Planets and Locations ''''Edit

''''Solana Galaxy ''''Edit

''''Bogon Galaxy ''''Edit

''''''Note:Polaris has a few planets.

''''Polaris Galaxy ''''Edit

''''Plot ''''Edit

''''Veldin ''''Edit

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