Ratchet & Clank Universe is a series that takes place after A Crack in Time.
250px-Ratchet & Clank Universe Twotu Cover


Main Ratchet & Clank Universe GamesEdit

Ratchet & Clank Universe: The war of the universeEdit

Was the first game and made a panic in the 3 known galaxies.

Ratchet & Clank Universe: When Villains CollideEdit

A new villain rises, old rivals merge together, and a doomed universe comes. Meanwhile Ratchet and Clank escapes to a new exploreded galaxy, Waapis to hide. Later, they go to Polaris due to the new villain using the Great Clock.

Ratchet & Clank Universe: Thin DeathEdit


Ratchet & Clank Universe: A Crack in SpaceEdit


Ratchet & Clank Universe: Death BattleEdit


Ratchet & Clank Universe: ShellshockedEdit


Ratchet & Clank Universe: What Comes Down Must Go UpEdit


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