the case of ratchet deathmatch

there is no plot or story to this game but there is multyplayer


you start at level 1 as you get kills you earn exp and lvl up

unlocking more guns , skills and gadgets to buy with your bolts which you get by getting kills.


the planets are

Zinthu-a cold icy planet far from the sun the only inhabitants are snowmen and Y.E.T.I are droped there, medium sized map.

Muta IV-a desert planet filled with lava canals and miles of open desert, large sized map.

Qither-home to one of the 1337 wonders of the galaxy this large city planet has the largest mall ever made, map size very large.

Forgla-this planet is very swampy there are very dangerous swamp creatures map size small.

Lolluft moon- home of the famous chopermunger cheese, the planet looks like the cheese, or does the cheese look like the planet??? small sized planet.

Fuel Station-the one and only place where you can get illegal uranium fuel, these stations are located off most planets and moons. medium sized planet. WEAPONS

Weapons (if there's a * beside name you will start with it)

Blaster WN*-all warriors need one of these a upgrade from the original this fires small balls of fire.

Falgun*- more commanly known as the spudgun this shotgun shot very hot patatoes.

Boombox*- the first design of the devestator the boombox has enough firepower to destroy a hovership.

The Blast Rifle- fire's high powered focused blasts of acid that can burn through 3 walls of metal.

Tortanator-the only gun that can turn enemys into turtles and use them as sheilds.

Hy4nator- Pull the trigger *BAM* hold it down *BAMX4*.

Zodiac V.2- The less expensive version of Megatron's Zodiac, this baby zaps anybody in a 4 meter radius.

B.L.A.M (Big Lasers and Missles) Fires a barrage of lasers and missles from the sky, long recharge.

The Earthshaker 2000- Shakes the ground infront of you sending things flying everywhere.

Dark Matterator- Sends a ball of Dark Matter at people, vaporizing them.

RYNO X CLASSIFIED- no info about this gun is in my data banks.


Ratchet Deathmatch also has a selection of skins these are some






da gnome










there are also 4 minigames

dodgebomb-a classic game of dodgeball but the snowmen switched the balls with bombs!!!

zombie-one person is the zombie and has to go around and infect other people when there are no more suvivors the game ends.

death from above-big blocks of rock fall from the sky all you have to do is not get crushed it harder the it sounds.

the maze- well the name tells all get from point a to point b


pre-order now and get the skin's classic ratchet, sasha and skrunch

(p.s you will also get cool red BoomBox skin)

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