Ratchet Future deadlocked (or Gladiator) 2 is the eleventh ratchet and clank game and it will be coming soon in 2014.


This game is a challenge game with improved weopons and planets. It is the same like Ratchet Gladiator/Deadlocked but different. The game will consist with Ratchet,clank, cronk, zephar, Qwark and Talwyn.

Ratchet, clank and Qwark are captured with Cronk, Zephar and Talwyn at the Apogee space station and forced to compete in a illegal combat sport called Anilalation Nation in the Polaris galaxy.Ratchet will be taking the challenges, Clank will be his misson control pal, Qwark will be his stragetist and cronk, zephar and Talwyn will be his enginiers. There will be approximatley be 18 planets and 9 Tournoments in the game. More will be confirmed later in 2014.

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