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Ratchet Origins: Lombax Legacy (Australia and US/CAN)Edit

(called Ratchet: Lombax Legacy in Europe ))This Game is set after A Crack In Time, It Is Scheduled to be released in 2011 (its fictional) and it would be be longer than ACIT and more sectors to explore, More Planets and find out about the mysterious Lombaxes... What Happened? Where are they Now? Find out in Ratchet Origins: Lombax Heroes also Nefarious Returns Once Again... Longest Ratchet Yet also Tachyon RETURNS

Gameplay Edit

The Game Mainly focus on Ratchet and Kaden (like in ACIT Where sometimes you have to play as Clank) and occasionally you have to play as Clank. The Hoverboots Will Return and this time ratchet can Explore Galaxies (Solana,Polaris) Players Will Have more freedom and will feature more levels,weapons and new gadgets like the all new Temporary Invisibillity. The Kinetic Tether  will Return and Ratchet will have an Omniwrench called the Omniwrence Millenium 14, he can switch to Double Wrench like Kaden's etc, there is a new feature in the wrench called the Kinetic Charger that can be used to power up machinery etc similar to the dynamo  and could use as Sparks to Damage Enemies. The Wrench can now be Upgraded. Grummelnet have developed a type of wrench that absorbs nanotech, You can now seperate with clank at anytime. also there is a instant replay to upload to playstation network and theres new swingshot targets called Versa-Cranks meaning that after you swing on to the the cranks it spins around like a wheel AND U MUST SWING TO other cranks

Weapons Edit

There are now more weapons, some weapons like Mr Zurkon and the Groovitron return again with there roles along with raritanium upgrade makes a comeback after being scrapped from ACIT and the Constructo Weapons of Gadgertron would be the CoNSTUCT-A Weapons

that would include Construct-A  Pistol Construct-A Grenade and Construct-A Shotgun and Construct-A Sniper and Construct-A Blade  and they developed the Ryno 3000

List of Weapons

Lombax Technology Edit

Lombax Spear

Lombax Double Wrench

Wrench Of Praetorian Guard

CrystalWrench X


Omniwrench Millenium 14

Chronian Sniper

OmniWrench ZX9000

Omniwrench millenium 1000.52

Gadgetron and Grummelnet Edit

Construct-A  Weapons

RYNO Legacy

Modified Buzz BLADES (the design is new)

Razor Talons

Phoenix Glove


Mr Zurkon

Kaden's Wrench

Plasma Bomb

Construct-A Laser


Plasma Cannon

Quantum Blaster

Plasma Wasps


Phazor Rifle

Savarang  (upgrades into Obliterang)




Thunderforce Shocker


Crystal Shotgun


The Impaler



Swingshot Plus

Swingshot Ultra


Hoverboot ZX8000

Code-Cracker Ring

Gravity Boots

Kinetic Tether

Kinetic Charger

The locket of Azimuth


HoloFlux MK I I 1%

Ectoflux 15%

ThermaFlux 30&

HyperFlux 50%

HydroFlux 60%

ZeptoFlux 75%

CryoFlux 80%

ElectroFlux Armor 85%

OmniFlux 90%

Lombaxian 95&

Phalanxian 95& + damage to enemie it touches

Chronos Armor same+more power

CrystalFlux same+even more power

Secret umm

Legendary Chronian Armor 99%

Lombax Praetorian Guard Armor (like Kaden's or Azimuth's)99.99&

Fastoonian Armor 99.9999999%

Corvusian Armor (From the corvus sector) 100& + reflects at enemy

???????????? armor 200&



Swingshot Plus

Swingshot Ultra


Hoverboot ZX8000

Code-Cracker Ring

Gravity Boots

Kinetic Tether

Kinetic Charger






Crestonia (New Lombax Home)

Karanian, Kora Caves



Krewania, Weapons Facility


Karanian Battle-Thon

Zarania City (lombax city)

Toveren Hoverboot Grand Prix, Toveran

Xeranon Outpost, Planet Xerasade

Igliak, Meridian City


Innova City

Level 1: ZutuEdit

Ratchet wants to return to Veldin, after 7 years saving 2 Galaxies he wants to know more about the Lombaxes but first they had to go collect some Ratchet in Kerwan, While Going Aphelion was Attacked by Space pirates and got sucked into a wormhole

Aphelion Is gone... they arrived on an unknown planet, but they just witnessed a Invasion by an Unknown Battalion and they met the Natives the natives were a species called the Navans and they told Ratchet to help them after defeating the Hostiles, the Leader told them to Explore, Ratchet said that they need to find Aphelion they found the main part, most of her parts have been Destroyed so Ratchet had to find New Pieces (you are stupid they have zoni) , they found new Wings,Thrusters,Weapons etc they then went back back and met a Navan and asked them where are they? he said "Planet Zutu, Rolar Forest, Zoran Sector, Solana Galaxy, Clank then said "I never expected this" after that they got a Transmission from Talwyn Apogee.

Apogee Space StationEdit

"Come in Ratchet" i've got some distrurbing news come over to the Apogee Station,

"Ok... But we're going to be there, it'll take a while cause we're in Solana right now and are in for some trouble with this Battalion"

"You there! Emperor Tachyon has ordered us to Annhilate you guys..."

"Oh Crap, not Tachyon Again"

then after the cut scene, u start blasting the battalion and then you go to the Station

Talwyn then told Ratchet that the Battalion was a species called the Falonians, They were a Pure Species but not as pure as the Zoni abd they lived on planet Falonia with an eternal modern warfare. Talwyn then tells Ratchet that Tachyon is holding Cronk And Zephyr Hostage at the Krontos Outpost so Ratchet once again has another Adventure and 2 Galaxies to save this time


Ratchet Origins: Lombax Legacy

Chapter 1: The Early Years of KadenEdit

This Level focuses on how kaden explores

Kaden is bored, so he starts exploring the Tythion Caves, during the exploration he saw paintings, paintings of an invasion with a

hostile... sitting on a walking throne (tachyon) sending chaos to a Species... and there were other pictures of a young creature one day avenging the species and that the species move to another dimension and also that a great warrior had just fallen to the Dictator... TO BE CONTINUED

Level 4: Bestona, Krontos OutpostEdit

The entrance is blocked by a forcefield... we need to go through the Iora Caves said Clank, Great More Caves cause last time i want to a cave in Lumos i almost got eaten by tetramites!, ok as they go through they went through an underground Security Center to the main outpost, after swimming through the electrified Hydro Gates after arriving at the Fortress was a lucky shot after scouting the Vehicles depot and found that they stolen aphelion Ratchet must find another ship

(soon they find AphelionX2) but first he needed to rescue Cronk and Zephyr, after ambushing the battalion through the main terminals

going to the containment area and found that there are Fongoids,Agoreans,Terachnoids and even a Xaran Waste Slug, after rescuing the automated self destruct button went on Ratchet had 1.5mins to get after just running out they found themselves an escape pod ratchet was like: "Aphelion...", It's ok Ratchet said Clank but Cronk cut saying "That stupid Craggy-Mite he's back after u defeated him climbed on the rock and got a replica dimensiontor he built

Level 5: Return To ZutuEdit

Level 6: Serpen City, SerpendalEdit

Chapter 2: The ProphercyEdit

Level 7: Toveran Hoverboot Grand Prix, ToveranEdit

ratchet stops at this planet called toveran and has a hoverboot race with 4 mysterious hoverboot rasers when you win the race the 4 people said your good and walk away but rachet said stop and take your helmet of and it 4lombax they said we will help you get your family and the lombaxs back

Level 8: Karania, Battle MarathonEdit

Chapter 3: Meeting Alister and RaynaEdit

Level 9: Igliak Orbit, Tachyon ArmadaEdit

Igliak, Meridian City, Meridian PlazaEdit

Veldin, Kyzil Plateau and Kyzil MountainsEdit

Chapter 4: Invasion (Falonians)Edit

Skill PointsEdit

Skill Points and SecretsEdit

Among Thieves


Generation of Time


A Crack In time


Kaden II

You Were Right To Do That

Come Back Mate

Once A Rat Always A Rat

InterGalactic Pwned

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