and Angela: Fusion in USA, ----- and Angela in UK, Ratchet

and Clank: Fusion in Australia. Ratchet and Clank fuses to -----. But ----- gonna destroy -----.

Playable: ---- and Angela.

Florana Edit

and Angela had to find ----- but Florana beasts gonna attack them.

They have to go Blackbird.

Blackbird Edit

and Angela go to Blackbird. ----- bulid a big laser called Lasertech.
and Angela stop the Lasertech.

Veldin Edit

and Angela in Ratchet's home planet. ----- go the Lasertech weapon to destroy ----- and Angela. Then they had to go Koros.

Koros Edit

and Angela go to Ice HQ. But ----- had created Klunk. ----- and Angela had to fight Klunk.

Vaal Edit

and Angela go to Vaal to find Lasertech weapon to destroy it. ----- blast to -----'s factory. They go to -----'s factory.

Newrence's Factory Edit

and Angela goes to ------ factory to find -----. But Lasertech tranform to Laserguy. ----- to destroy Laserguy.

Grelbin Edit

and Angela in Grelbin. But ----- created 2nd Bio-Bliterator. They find the 2nd Bio-Bliterator and destroy it.

Mylon Edit

and Angela gonna find Dr. Newrence. Then was ----- in this planet. ----- gonna kill ----- and Angela. Then KABOOM! ----- was gone forever.

Weapons Edit

Gadgets Edit

Raclank Edit

Hypershot Hacker Heli-Pack Thruster-Pack Hydro-Pack Levitator Robo-Wings Grind Boots Gravity Boots Charge Boots

Angela Edit

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