Ratchet and Clank: Tests is the 11th game in the series. Created By Clank 5678.

Planets and Locations in Number and Order with Weapons, Gadgets, Story and Bosses

Vapidia 1= After an incident with Qwark on Veldin warning of valkyrie forces gathering on Vapidia demanding Clank, Clank decides to go alone. When he arrives, he discovers a valkyrie named Vaskire who wishes to put Ratchet and Clank through some 'special tests' and traps him in an area in Zordoom Prison. She finally sends a fake destress call to Aphelion. Clank's Weapons Gained= Fists. Clank's Gadgets Gained= Time Bombs. Bosses= Great Dog.



Vapidia 2= Ratchet recives the destress call and decides to leave for Vapidia. Aphelion warns that it might be a fake, but Ratchet knows Clank would be in danger eather way and she agrees. On arrival, Ratchet discovers maps of Blackwater City and leaves for Rilgar, still determined to find his best friend. Ratchet's Weapons Gained= Star Blaster. Ratchet's Gadgets Gained= Swingshot, Hoverboots. Bosses= None.

Viceron= Clank wakes to find five mysterious Zoni named, Chill, Electro, Manipulate, Levetate and Heal in his prison. The Zoni are all named after the power effect the cause and award Clank with a Thermo Cutter and assist in his escape. When the get to a secure loction they reveal that they wish to take him to the Great Clock to improve his skills for the challenges ahed. Clank agrees and they wisk him away to the Clock. Clank's Weapons Gained= None. Clank's Gadgets Gained= Thermo Cutter. Bosses= None.


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