The Return of Drek is about Chairman Drek returning alive for the first time, conquering Solana as Gadgetron's newest CEO. Ratchet and Clank must now defeat him, again, or the galaxy will suffer a great deal of destruction.

Know your ArsenalEdit

  • Rancer, a blaster pistol capable of unlimited ammuition and damaging firepower.
  • Thunderboom Launcher, a electric bomb launcher that also attracts robots when explode.
  • Shade Apprentice, a shotgun-like weapon that shoots dark rays in shatters.
  • Devastator, a old rocket launcher renewed with a newly improved homing mod.
  • Plasma Trapper, a net launcher that entraps enemies in a gooey plasmatic webbing.
  • Stone Ray, a weapon that transforms foes into harmless moonstones.
  • Laser Tracer, a powerful laser weapon that shoots a continuous beam.
  • Clank Chopper, a heli-version of Clank that shoots missiles and fires lasers.
  • Geo Mine, a mine launcher that goes underground and then explodes on contact.
  • HERETIC, a super weapon capable of blasting streak lasers in a volley 10 times.
  • Bouncer, a megacorp weapon capable of launching bomblets.
  • Eraser, a gun that vanish a enemy without a trace.
  • Mar's Eye, a powerful vaporizer that when hurled turns enemies to ashes.
  • Crossplosive, a sniper rifle that shoots explosive bolts.
  • Hypershot, combines dynamo and swingshot.
  • Backpacks, (Thruster-Pack and Heli-Pack)
  • "Foot Items, (Charge Boots and Gravity Boots)
  • Dreker-Guise, disguise yourself as a Drekerity Telsadrone to attack other enemies or speak like them.
  • Thermanator, Megacorp's thawer and freezer gadget.
  • Infiltratole, a tadpole-like ninjitsu device that finds hidden/high-to-reach areas for easy access.


  • Ratchet, a lombax from polaris where he happened to be in but got a distress call from Sasha that the phoenix is under attack from Chairman Drek who officially called himself Imperial CEO Drek of Solana. He powered Aphelion with the gravimetric warp drive and again saves the galaxy.
  • Clank, as always, Clank follows Ratchet whereever he goes. When he got the news of Drek's return for the first time. He thought it was over with until he could believe it. This time it was time to make things right.
  • Captain Qwark, a baboon as usual, he onced worked side-to-side with Drek, until he got the idea of "killing" Drek, but never realized heroes don't kill. Will he ever learn from his past misktakes. Or will revenge take control of him.
  • Imperial CEO Drek, unknown info about Drek ever since his return, but what known about him that he's been busy and that's all there is to know.

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