The new saga of nobility and knighthood has begun, Knight of destruction brings home the high definition of swordplay and gunplay at the same time, plus the outrageous explosion of Ratchet and Clank's crazy weapons, gadgets, and interesting PS3 and PS4 fun.


Planet Igliak, Meridian CityEdit

It all began as always with Qwark's brainless act of burrowing a old book without a library card which believed to activated a old celestial spell within a old galactic world similar to Arthurian Legends. Qwark shows Ratchet and Clank the book and Clank discovers Qwark stolen the book and then all of suddenly the invasion of Kragonoks attacked which are troll-like creatures with iron hammers made from carbonox.

Ratchet and Clank defended Meridian city and reached the Defense Network that was funded by Qwark when he was formerly president but the mystical chaos knights wielding zigzag swords got them on their targeting reticles but Ratchet and Clank grindrail away from the Chaos Knights' Guardian Bot. But before they can fight them, they were sucked into the world of the legends.

Meanwhile, they met the King of all of the Mizarian Legends, King Mizar and been told that the galaxy is in trouble within the old legends, Ratchet cannot believe it is another galactic disaster, but he has no choice.

Planet Airnard, Cloud CityEdit

Ratchet suit up in a stolen yet modified Chaos Knight armor called the Chaos Soldiery Clad and wields the starter weapons: Lancer XPC(Extra Piercing Core) and the Splitter Cannon; as well as the sword-like wrench called the Omnicaliburn R5, Ratchet is ready to take on the mysterious story enemies that comes interfering his mission.

Ratchet and Clank flew to Planet Airnard and infiltrates the Cloud City's Mining Fortress. Then battles the Chaos Knights as well as the local Urragar Miners (some on foot and some on their walking behemoth machineries of their size called Urragainers).

When they about to rescue a caged Urragar only to be discovered as a hologram by the one called Sir Shadow the Unlimited. Sir Shadow escapes before Ratchet can catch him and Ratchet and Clank were blocked by a battle of Chaos Knights. The traitorious knight called the two other knights: Sir Gardnics and Dame Flarea; and said to update the knights' security to the next coordinates.

Then afterwards, Ratchet and Clank followed them via Tachy-Plorer King Mizar sent them. Ratchet and Clank told them bad news which the King knew and told Ratchet and Clank to follow the Chaos Knights to Planet Shrouda.

Planet Shrouda, Night ForestEdit

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