Ratchet and Grunt: unwelcomed fearEdit


Pokitaru, Jowia resortEdit

Ratchet and Clank got their much-needed massages. while Clank was getting his oil massage, he was kidnapped by Dr. Nefarious, Lawrence, and the thugs-4-less bots. Even Ratchet doesn't know where Clank is, he bumped into his new buddy, Grunt, which Ratchet thought he was Clank until he looked at his dogtag and found out that Dr. Nefarious had kidnapped Clank.

Kalfoe, prison facilityEdit

Ratchet and Grunt crash landed after the anti-air defenses and the guards took them into their prison facility. Grunt must deactivate the containment grid, as for Ratchet, he has to deactivate the anti-air cannons in order to let the Galactic Ranger fleet get into combat with the Thugs-4-Less.

Daxx asteroids, shield generator outpostEdit

Ratchet, Grunt, and the starship Phoenix with reinforcements are on a full-scale assault on the shield generator outpost. After they destroy the waves of fighters, Klunk (the doppleganger of Clank) is going to lead the counterattack against the fleet, defeat Klunk ASAP and quickly before the shield destroys the fleet and starship Phoenix.

Kerwan, MetropolisEdit

Ratchet and Grunt understands where Clank is now, in the Metropolis. This time Dr. Nefarious is safeguarding Clank with his thug bodyguards, other reports said that Grunt brought a tribal company. Ratchet and Grunt must rescue Clank before they tear him apart.

Sixth moons, Nafarious' frigateEdit

Ratchet and Grunt are going to investigate why Dr.Nefarious erased Clank's memories and replace his memory bank with a monkey intelligence? Still Clank has the upgrades you need like the heli-pack, thruster-pack, and hydro-pack. He will use them to find his memory server (it a clip-like component).

Fastin, Lombax desertEdit

Clank told Ratchet and Grunt about Dr. Nefarious plan to destroy all four galaxies using the Dimensionator., When they catch up with Dr. Nefarious, they warped to fastin and introduced in the final battle, first battle is Dr.Nefarious vs. Ratchet, then is Dr. Nefarious vs. Ratchet and Grunt, finally is Thug-4-Less leader in the Biobliterator vs. Ratchet, Grunt, and the giant Clank. at the end, Clank questioned Grunt about who is he. Then Grunt used the Dimensionator to warp the Duo(Ratchet and Clank) back to Jowai resort where Ratchet said "Whoa, deja vu".


  • plasmite carbine
  • lancerator
  • RYNO Dragon
  • raptor sniper
  • untested grenade
  • omniwhip 00
  • homing clusters


hand gadgetsEdit

  • swingshot
  • PDA
  • hypnomatic


  • heli-pack
  • thruster-pack
  • hydro-pack


  • eletrolyzer

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