Story Edit

Ratchet and clank was going to Megapolis when they crash on planet Zeldrin. They must be fight some security robots to find a new Grav-o-metric warp drive in the Nefarious starcruiser. After Ratchet Fix the ship, he receives the cordenates of the starship phoenix from sasha. After ratchet and clank enter in starship phoenix, he can go to anothers areas like the buffet. wen Ratchet go to the bridge, he receive a mesage to help Pokitaru. After Ratchet and clank enter in Pokitaru, they see a lot of robots and ships, destroing the jowai resort and instaling an rift reaper 4300. Wen Ratchet and clank destroyed the Rift Reaper machine, they can see a "evil plan" of a blackhole destroing All the planets. Ratchet must be trade 1000 bolts to a turist for receive the cordenates of the Robot factory in Kalidon. Wen Ratchet go to Kalidon, he must be send clank infiltrate on the secret factory to find how is the "supervilian"...


- N80 storm

- Nitro-bomb

- Plasma anihilator

- Plasma-flail

- Mini plasma ICBM

- Repulsier forcefield


- Swingshot

- Cryosleep bomb

- Skrunch-o-matic (Skrunch appears in any time no help Clank)

Armour (ratchet):Edit

- Nitrus suit- Free-(absorb 10% damage)

- Bomber suit- 5000 bolts- (Absorb 17% damage)

- Uranium Armor- 35.000 bolts (Absorb 35% damage)

- Stanimal Armor - 60.000 bolts (Absorb 50% damage)

- Holo-cerulean Armor - 100.000 Bolts (Absorb 60% damage)

- Titan Green-star Suit - 500.000 Bolts (Absorb 75% damage)

- Aegis-Mark XX - 1000.000 Bolts (Absorb 82% damage)

- Ice-nano- Flux Armor - 1500.000 (Absorb 90% damage)

Armour (clank/giant clank)Edit

- Normal

- Iron tuxedo

- Zulrian suit

Giant clankEdit

- Armoured Suit

- Galaxyarian Armour (giant Clank)

- Ultra Galaxian Armour


- Q-force suit

- Cyclopic suit

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Ratchet 22

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