Ratchet and clank future orvus returns, is a videogame.

Plot Edit

Ratchet and clank were on planet fastoon, on a spiral lampost they placed a sign saying Fastoon Restore. Quark was up on a stage commenting about ratchet and clank

I now open this old ruines into a new city restored by my rock-hard brutes!*cough* and I hereby name this city Ratchet and quarkouplis!...I mean clankouplis...After tthe heros who saved us from tachyon and helped us from other classified duties haha! But don't forget  to see my holo-movie in the new holo-movie theater! 

elsewhere in the universe, the zoni were talking to sigmund

We know where Orvus is. You must fix. the zoni grumbled to sigmund

What? Fix, what? sigmund reply.

You do not know Zoni need orvus. He is in other universe.

(note I'll do more tommow

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