Ratchet & Clank Future 4 is the sequel to A Crack in Time this game was first announced in the year 2010 and insominac said that this game will hbe reasled in 2012 the tenth anniversery of ratchet  and clank and it was for the ps3 the trailer was first seen in e3 in 2010 and the entire world got hyped and the game came out .there was still the space travel and zoni collecting so this game was even longer than crack in time

Plot Edit

after ratchet saved the great clock from destruction him and clank go to the sollana galaxy to have a rest from saving the day until captain quark says that chairmain drek will come back from the dead so ratchet and clank think he is making this up until a blargian soildier comes to planet kerwan to  kill ratchet and then ratchet kills the blargian and decides to save the sollana galaxy for the 6th time .

planets and sectors Edit

veldin_ kyzil plateu

kolo sector

gonga_ hardon jungle

psycho _ venom swamp

warmos sector

tyrannosis _ tyrranoid village

magmos _ magmor statdium

aquoas 5_ gigantoian sea station

weapons Edit

constructo pistol _ mega constructo pistol

constructo bomb _ mega constructo bomb

raptor launcher _ utahraptor launcher

electric shooter _ thunder shooter


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