"Now, the Sawy Launcher fires a lot more saws, instead of only one!"
—GrummelNet at the upgraded Sawy Launcher.

The Sawy Launcher is a weapon made by GrummelNet. At V1, it launches a fan like-saw who also had an rocket look. From V2 onwards, it fires a lot more saws. Acid Mod enters from V4. At V5, it became the Sawy Cannon.

GrummelNet DescriptionEdit

    The Sawy Launcher is an perfect choice for emergency cases. Just look on an enemy!Saws will home in the enemy, an returns, and homes again, and again, and again! Until you defeat them. You also want one! The Sawy Launcher! Available only at GrummelNet!


Level Exp. Power Mod
V1 800 500

fires an saw blade that homes in enemies repeatly

V2 1200 1000(per saw)

fires more saw blades that each homes only one in enemies

V3 1600 2500(per saw) Lock-On Mod enabled
V4 1800 4000(per saw) Acid Mod enabled
V5(Sawy Cannon) Full 5500(per saw) Energy saws that each explodes in one enemy

Level Ammo Rate of fire
V1 100 Slow
V2 1000 Fast
V3 1500 Fast
V4 2000 Very Fast
V5 3000 Very Very Fast


The Sawy Launcher is an one-handed weapon. It is an orange-themed weapon. The visible saw looks like an combination of fan and rocket. the base of the weapon is glowing green. When firing, the entire weapon glows purple.

At V5 it looks different. The Sawy Cannon is now two-handed. The primary coloration is now purple. There are two visible saws, and they are glowing pink. When it fires, it not glows, unlike its previous versions. Now, the top is glowing pink. It have three hovering white rings that wew around of the visible saws. When the ammo runs out, the weapon is glowing red.


  • Only the first 4 versions of the Sawy Launcher are made by GrummelNet. The upgrade, Sawy Cannon, is only previewed, it is manufactured by Hidden Assasins.
  • The upgrade of the Sawy Launcher, Sawy Cannon, looks completely different than previous versions. Also, there are two visible saws, while in the previous versions there is only 1 visible saw.
  • From V2 onwards, it act like the Buzz Blades : the saws are moving in the same mode.

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