Sothrus was a dark firatyrants spirit from the firatyrants realm. He sent his army to planet Indonia in the Solana galaxy. There they built a secret weapon in order to destroy Sothrus's hates. However,  they discovered fire was their weakness and the weapon had magic fire ammo. They left it there and abooned the planet and moved to planet Macindi. The only one who stayed weas Clinkus. 1000's of years later he wanted it back in order to destroy the galaxy. He sent an attack on Metropolis but failed when Ratchet and Clank seaved the planet. He swore revenge on them and would not let them get to the weapon first.On planet Macindi he was invaded by RaC and sent his body guard Vanu-Katano on them.

Apperances Edit

Ratchet and Clank:Burn baby burn!

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