Tatoranis Space Prison, often shorted to Tatoranis, is a space prison used to keep the deadliest criminals in the Solana galaxy. One day the prisoners escaped and destroyed most of the ship, and criminals took over.

Cell blocks Edit

The ships prison areas are divided into 12 different cell blocks. All other cell blocks are seen as abandoned or in complete disrepair.

Old Tatoranis A2 - Warden's office. A3 - Highest security cell block. A5 - Larger but infrequently patrolled cell block. A6 - Inundated cell block. A7 - Larger very commonly patrolled cell block. B2 - Secondary prison command block. B4 - Primary prison control (central) cell block (besides loading bay). B7 - Extremely small cell block, annexed to block B2.

New Tatoranis C1 - Cell block encompassed by depot, other areas of this block contain kitchen and laundry facilities. C2 - Abandoned cell block. C3 - Flattened entirely by mobile walls and the depot. D7 - More commonly used control cell block, in which Combine prisoner caskets are installed. D8 - Destroyed cell block. Door to it is locked and the cell block has broken off the ship and drifted into space.

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