A Terminite is an insectoid creature from Hivroy. They eat wood, meat, and everything in between.

Biology Edit

Terminites stand about 4 feet tall and weigh 90 pounds. They have four large, yellow eyes that can see in normal light, infrared, and x-ray. Their mouths are large and contain three rows of sharp teeth and two tongues. They can also vomit acid to help them eat and to attack enemies. They have extremely hard exoskeletons but soft and sensitive inside. They only have one super organ in their torso that acts as stomach, liver, kidneys, heart, bladder, intestines, and brain so they can live without a head. Male Terminites have the ability to fly and grow scythe-like appendages from their wrists. Female Terminites grow poisonous stingers that can be launched at high speeds.

Society Edit

Terminites live in massive underground colonies that can span 300 miles and go as deep as 15 miles under the surface. In these underground cities, millions of Termites work hard around the clock either expanding their cities, mining for valuable crystals, breeding, and developing new products. The Terminte cities are ruled by councils called Guardians. The Guardians establish strict laws to keep order in the colonies that put a strain on the populace. The laws are enforced by the Swarm. The Swarm acts as a brutal police force in the colonies. A higher force in the colonies are the Mantis Guard which act as a high security force for the Guardians. Due to the brutality of the Swarm and Mantis Guard, many rebellions have taken place but they've all been stopped quickly. These rebellions only cause even stricter laws to be passed.

Manufacturers Edit

Terminex: Terminex is a weapons manufacturer that has created the highly popular Vimulator and Impaler Rifle.

Chowtec: Chowtec is a company that develops food. Some of their best selling products are Phlem Soda, Boon Jelly, Mucus Chips, and Finkle Chugger. Nobody even wants to know what the ingredients are.

AstroCo: AstroCo makes all types of vehicles but primarily work on space ships. They've developed the GroundSpark 300, Vespid Bike, Bumble Craft, and the Star Stinger X300.

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