The Amazing Race: Pixelated Evil is a fictional PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game. It was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is the third game in The Amazing Race series and a sequel to The Amazing Race: Fight Over Villains.

Plot Edit

The contestants from Fight Over Villains celebrate at Kerwan after the successful second season, when suddenly a series of new pixelated villains come to crash the party. It all started with Chairman Drek (who survived the defeat) when he soon realized that all of the villains like him are slowly being defeated for the past two seasons. He then contacts all the villains from the pixelated world to defeat them once and for all.

It's the job of the contestants to defeat them.

Contestants Edit

  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Captain Qwark and Cora
  • Galactic President and Sasha Phyronix
  • Orvus and Zoni
  • Klunk and Assistant
  • Mr. Zurkon and Synthenoids
  • Dallas and Juanita

Legs Edit

First Stage Edit

  • Kerwan (mini-battle)
  • Kerwan to Starship Phoenix II
  • Starship Phoenix II (tutorial)
  • Starship Phoenix II to Kalebo III
  • Kalebo III
  • Kalebo III to Pokitaru
  • Pokitaru (underwater)
  • Pokitaru to Novalis
  • Novalis (mini-battle then team vs. team deathmatch)
  • Novalis to Gaspar
  • Gaspar (grindrail race)
  • Gaspar to Veldin
  • Veldin to Umbris
  • Umbris to Orxon
  • Orxon
  • Orxon to Valdei Moon
  • Valdei Moon (pre-boss)
  • Winner will be the leader to fight: Veeva Dash

Second Stage Edit

Coming Soon

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