When Talwyn dies, Ratchet has a difficult time of getting over her death.


(We first see Ratchet in his garage on Planet Veldin. He is seen crawled up in the corner of the garage. Clank then walks into the garage and walks over to Ratchet)

Clank: Ratchet, what happens to be the matter?

Ratchet: Clank, do you have any idea what I've been going through?

Clank: Well then, what seems to be on your mind?

Ratchet: Clank, Talwyn.....Passed away....

(Clank makes a shocked expression and looks down.)

Clank: I-i had no idea Ratchet...

Ratchet: Yeah. I told you. Now just leave me alone.

Clank: As you wish.

(Clank walks out of the garage and wanders away)

To be continued.....

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