Throughout TLORAC series, Ratchet looked like this, and Clank was way larger. All games need somthing funny in it, so what else but throw Angela in it and make her the comic relif character?

On Winter 2009, the funniness is all wound out, put in the bin and and all the new funniness shoved in with Angela taking care of it all. With 3 years of it all before Ratchet 'dies', this series negated all over fanfiction/nonfiction titles and started over from scratch.


- Ratchet, the main character, now breaths fire and stuff and preforms ridiculously powerful furys.. - Angela, not the sort that you'd expect. Makes you laugh, like Sparx. - Clank, now rezized so he's the size of Ignitus. Teaches you fire. Dies in TLORAC: DOTR. - 1000000Volts, the chatterbox of the game. Teaches you electricity. - There is loads more, simply buy that game.


No, Ratchet, you can't swim in these games...


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