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The new exterminators was a small commando troop that Ace Hardlight led under his time as one of Nefarious enforcers. Although named after Hardlights old DreadZone team they had little smilarities with it. For example they lacked a meele expert and did not contain a single robot. It had mostly members from Solana and Polaris but had a single Bogonite, a Vaknarian known as Ragindus.It was in the end brougth down with Ace Hardlight being caugth in his Tank as it exploded and seemingly dies. Something confirming this was armor parts and his visor raining down after the explosion.


Ace Hardlight-Leader

Flarehunter-Flammables expert

Ragindus-Gunman and ammo specialist

Jaigand-Demolitions expert




Raigordius- Chemistry expert


Exterminator Shuttle-Main transport

Marnocs Gunship-For use in dogfights

Ace Hardlights Tank-Enforcing


  • If you look closely on Ragindus rocket launcher it features a drawing of Shellshocks helmet.
  • A similar mark can be found in the upper right corner of the cockpit of Marnocs Gunship.
  • Marnocs Pilot helmet looks like Reactors head without the lower jaw and the pipe things.

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