Win31 Uncyclopedia

Windows 3.1 is the ideal OS for Qwark and Angela Cross, too.

Windows 3.1 is the ideal OS for Novalians, Eudorians, and Rilgarians because of the variety of software.


It has UAC, NetNanny, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, free pear pods, Zero Wing, Canned Quotes, Pocket Protector, Movie Player, Pipe, Halo 3, and Kitten Huffing.


Due to popularity of newer operating systems in Solana such as Windows 3015 and Pear OS X, there are not much viruses around to infect Windows 3.1 nowadays. Windows 3.1 is one of the few operating systems without IE, thus making it less vulnerable to viruses. Qwark downloads alot of spyware when he doesn't know, son of a qwark!

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